Did you know that it is International School Grounds Month?

In May each year, the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) calls on schools around the world to take their children and young people outside to celebrate their school grounds.  Underpinning this action is a strong belief that school grounds are very important to children and youth, and shape their experience of the world around them.

You are invited to join teachers across the globe to go outside with the children and young people of your class and school to engage in the infinite learning possibilities in the outdoor classroom of your school.

Download the free ISGA Activity Guide at: http://www.internationalschoolgrounds.org/isgm/

These two ISGA videos are a must watch! http://www.internationalschoolgrounds.org/videos/

The videos showcase innovative school grounds from around the world.  You might like to share these with your colleagues and community. We keep watching them over and over again!

Images of school grounds from ISGA: http://www.internationalschoolgrounds.org



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