Term 3 2016

The World’s Largest Lesson

Have you heard about the world’s largest lesson?

Amazing potential of young people in response to the world’s largest lesson?



Using Documentation

If you have one minute and 34 seconds – watch this teacher explore Documentation through the educational approach of Reggio Emilia:

If you have another minute, watch how she uses Documentation to support the design of learning experiences.

This 16-minute video shares the journey of educators using processes of Documentation and includes conversations with pedagogical leaders from Reggio Emilia:

Taking risks may be what we need?

An inspired student talks about the implications of the documentary Most Likely to Succeed:

Taking risks is what this world may need. Being bold instead of safe is needed to see a better future, because what happens when students are presented with these new-economy jobs? Will we greet them with confidence, or will we shutter in fear, because we aren’t prepared? How will we respond?

…observing, reflecting, documenting, and displaying are key skills that schools should strive to teach kids. Kids who are eager to observe their surroundings; kids who can reflect on their projects, their roles, their plans for their teams; kids who share their experiences and believe that anyone can do what they do; and lastly kids who are excited to exhibit what they’ve done and say to anyone “Yes, I accomplished something and I’m proud of it” — those are the kids who will succeed.

If you would like to read the full article: http://www.nobleimpact.org/2015/11/21/most-likely-to-succeed-film-student-perspective/



Muddy Puddles & Painted Sunsets

Nature Play SA has produced a short film about childhood and the importance of play and nature in children’s learning and development:

The film is based on a poem which is free to access:



Parents and educators giving children time & space to learn and grow

In her new book the Gardener and the Carpenter, US Developmental Psychologist Alison Gopnik makes a passionate plea for childhood to be less instrumental and more playful. She provides a perspective on parenting that challenges the expectations of what it means to raise children. It is a popular book making its way onto many bookshelves all over the world.


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