The Amiable School

Loris Malaguzzi maintains that the goal of schools in the Reggio Emilia project is:

to create an amiable school…where children, teachers and families, feel a sense of well-being; … to bring together the three central protagonists – children, teachers, and parents – and to intensify the interrelationships among them.

At the last Early Childhood Network meeting, we explored what constitutes an amiable learning environment which is ready for and welcomes children. We considered how in doing that, we more effectively support children’s self-regulation and are better able to guide their behaviour. Check out the resources here:

Presentation slides from The Amiable Environment presentation at the Early Childhood Network meeting on 30 June 2016

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Self Regulation by Professor Stuart Shanker

view original article here

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You may also be interested in another article from Professor Stuart Shanker

The Impact of Stress on Self Regulation


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