Learning as a process of individual and group construction

LearningProcessIndividualGroupConstructLearning as a process of individual and group construction.

‘…children are active constructors of knowledge, competencies and autonomies… in the relationship with their peers, adults, and the environment. The construction of knowledge is a group process.’   Professor Carla Rinaldi

This seminar provides teachers, school leaders and co-educators with an interactive opportunity to explore the idea of learning as a group and to consider how this may be different to the idea of learning in a group. What processes and strategies foster the pleasure of learning as a group?
How does the relationship with peers, adults and the environment enrich and enable individual and group construction of knowledge?

Event Information:

For teachers, school leaders and co-educators from Catholic schools and Catholic Education Office

For further event enquiries please contact:

Tina Adamo, phone  8301 6600

DATE:     Tuesday 21 July 2015
TIME:      4:15pm to 6:15pm

VENUE:  Catholic Education Office
Conference Centre
116 George Street  Thebarton

Registration information:

Register by Wednesday 15 July 2015

Register at CESA Registration Centre: http://registrationcentre.cesa.catholic.edu.au/event-1954280

no cost \\ afternoon tea provided

All Registration enquiries to:

Giannina Taeger 8301 6641

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