Democracy and Leadership: Secondary Students in conversation with Professor Carla Rinaldi


For Secondary Students and their Principals

An opportunity for young people to participate, to share their views, to be in dialogue with each other, with their Principals and Carla Rinaldi



‘A person who is part of contemporary culture, who is able to question and to analyse this culture with a critical eye…An intellectually curious person who rejects a passive approach to knowledge and prefers to construct knowledge together with others rather than simply to “consume” it.’     

Carla Rinaldi, 2005

What inspires you to want to learn?
What kinds of questions trigger your curiosity?
When have you truly felt that you have learnt something?
How do you learn with your peers and your teachers?

Event information:

DATE:     Friday 24 July 2015

TIME:     1:00 to 2:30pm

VENUE:   Catholic Education Office Conference Centre
116 George Street  Thebarton

Registration information:

Register by Monday 20 July 2015

Register at CESA Registration Centre:

No cost \\ afternoon tea provided

All Registration enquiries to:

Giannina Taeger 8301 6641

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