In April 2013, renowned author, speaker and advisor on education and creativity Sir Ken Robinson presented a ‘TED’ talk called How to escape education’s death valley.

Though the talk was specific to the American education system, a number of the issues raised seem to be current discussion topics in Australia.

Sir Ken suggests three main principles essential for human development which he argues should be the role of education.

Natural Diversity

  • the natural diversity of all humans and the need for education to both nurture and foster the diversity of human ability and potential.

Cultivating Curiosity

  • the importance of cultivating curiosity in learning.

If you can light the spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance, very often. Children are natural learners.    – Sir Ken Robinson


  • his belief that human life is inherently creative. As Sir Ken states,

…we see every day in all aspects of life, the evidence of creativity and ingenuity all around us.


Should education nurture the diversities, curiosities and creativities of children of all ages?


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  1. Easy, through provoking and great PD. Thank you. The most wonderful part is the affirming statement that education is essentially relational – it should not be so mechanical that it loses creative, life and ultimately students along the way.

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