Seminars with Rev Dr James McEvoy

Dr James McEvoy has completed his series of seminars focusing on:

Reflecting Theologically about the Rich Gift of Childhood

Catholic Education South Australia is currently engaged in the Re-Imagining Childhood 0-18 initiative with Professor Carla Rinaldi. Her approach focuses on the dignity of the child and on the “pedagogy of listening”.

The seminars with Rev Dr James McEvoy explored how the Catholic theological tradition can engage fruitfully in the CESA Re-imagining Childhood project.


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  1. Theology of the Child was very thought provoking and foundational to our work with children. Coming to understand childhood as more than preparation for adulthood, offers us a new way of valuing each child, what they are and what they bring to their community and our world and how we recognise their expression of this. Look forward to exploring this further.

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