A Parent’s Reflection

A parent’s reflection from their visit to The Hundred languages of Children Exhibition recently hosted by CESA at the SA Water Building.

I went to see that exhibition in the SA Water foyer when I was in the area the other day. The thing that resonated most for me was the fact the children are experiencing and absorbing things that many of us adults fail to even see. I was particularly taken by shadows and the intrigue and mystery they hold for little people. There was a poem on the front panel by Loris Malaguzzi that made me feel sad; we’ve been conditioned as adults to shut so much out, and take on other things to fill up those places, children have not. I couldn’t help thinking that there are two people living with me who are looking at the world in a very different way to me, and yet by being with me I am gradually shaving away all that wonder about the world. I’m not sure how to arrest the tide, but I think it would be great for you and the other educators to keep reminding us that there is a whole other station going on in our children’s world that we could try to tune into.

– Parent from St Peter’s Girls ELC

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